Our group

Admin IB Solutions

Admin IB Solutions is a key network of strategically distributed companies that guarantees the essential skills for every market branch: logistics and transports, constructions, agriculture, industry, services to the person or domestic support, services in the hospitality sector and cruise sector.

Orizont Recruiting

Orizont Recruiting is an agency for selection, recruitment, training, administration of human resources and services, to support Italian and foreign start-ups, founded to give the labor market a sole interlocutor matching companies’ needs with experts needs.

Orizont Jobs

Orizont Jobs is an agency for temporary work. It is an exclusive partner for every company searching for seasonal workers. OJ helps its clientèle to concentrate on its core business by searching new market opportunities and strengthening its position with human resources in outsourcing, using unlimited, flexible, expert and accurate man power.

In-Trade Comercial Transport

In-Trade Comercial Transport is the bridge between Italia and Romania for the prompt refueling of your commercial system. Weekly transport services of fresh, refrigerated, frozen, preserved and dried food, goods on pallet, wood and derivatives, iron and raw materials in general.

In-Trade Balkani

In-Trade Balkani is an import, transport and distribution company of Italian food and wines of excellence. Through the Brand "Italo's" - created by the IN-TRADE Group - markets and distributes, by owned vehicles, all over the Bulgarian territory directly from Italian manufacturers which represents and that are recognized for the quality of the best traditional food in Italy and in the World.